Jason E. Jones is a Chicago-born and based, self-taught Artist/Photographer who holds a BFA in Interior Design from the International Academy of Design, Chicago, IL.

Painting started out as a hobby for Jason after a friend took him nearly fifteen years ago to an art supply store where he purchased two shopping bags full of art supplies. While trying to recreate some of his favorite abstract paintings, he realized he couldn't duplicate what he liked. "Painting a slash and a circle is not as easy as it looks" states Jason. But, in the meantime Jason was learning about painting thru trying different techniques. During this time he developed his own style and understanding of art. Friends and family of Jason started to take notice of his new talents and requested his artwork for their homes. After working for a major health insurance corporation for fourteen years, Jason decided to devote full-time to his passion. Knowing that he always loved painting more than working in corporate America, Jason stepped out on faith and within the past seven years has come into his own career as a professional working artist.


As Jason became seasoned in his artistry, he decided to expand his portfolio by incorporating live models into his paintings. Jason originally set out to experiment with photography equipment given to him by a family member who shot photographs of live events. Jason had now discovered another passion for art; the realm of photography. When asked what makes his photography unique, Jason states “My focus in photography is more than just taking a good picture. I try to capture the drama, some sort of story and make you see the photo as a whole”. In addition to Jason E. Jones the Artist, Jason E. Jones the photographer has shot over 100 aspiring models. His photography has also been used for print advertising that has received national exposure. Many of his constitutes in the industry have described his work as edgy and classy. Jason is preparing for an exclusive debut of Jason E. Jones Fine Art Photography in early 2012.


As an artist Jason is nationally recognized for this extensive use of gold leaf and indigenous materials such as sand from Chicago's 63rd street beach. Some of Jason's work is created in a style he calls "Painted Collage", where his paintings resemble a collage of torn papers.

In early 2004, Jason was commissioned by the prestigious law firm of Sidley, Austin, and Wood as part of a two man collaboration to create a piece commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the Brown v. Board decision. After the creation of the first piece, the firm also commissioned a second piece for their New York Headquarters. Jason's achievements also include being published in "African Art: The Diaspora and Beyond" (available at Amazon.com), a wonderful coffee table book highlighting the art collection of author/collector Daniel Parker as well as his 2007 calendar.
In 2003, Jason was chosen as the featured artist for the 25th Annual Chicago Jazz Festival where his piece "Bass and Sax" was featured as the signature piece. Jason has received the award for ‘Best in Show’ at the Celebrate the Spirit of South Shore Art Exhibition 2000, and has also had the opportunity to be the recipient of the ‘Award of Excellence’, in a group show at Period Gallery in Omaha, NE.

Jason's work has been shown around the country in such galleries as Gallery Guichard, Nicole Gallery, Artjaz Gallery, SteeleLife Gallery, the Chicago South Side Community Art Center, the Chicago South Shore Cultural Center, Susan Woodson Gallery, and many others. In addition he has taken part in fundraisers for many Chicago non-profit organizations such as the South Side Community Art Center, the National African American Military Museum, the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, 100 Black Men, and the Metropolitan Board of the Chicago Urban League, the Links Organizations, and many others.

Jason has also been an educator and curator of fine art, sharing his talent with such programs as Chicago's Gallery 37 After School Matters Program, the Fine Art Collaborative, and the South Shore Cultural Center Art Gallery.

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